I’m getting married!

As the title implies, I’m getting married. Not this instant, but hopefully next year. It still feels so surreal to think about the fact that I’ll be getting married to the person I consider the love of my life. Growing up I was never one to dream about my wedding or plan it. I knew I wanted to get married at some point in my life, but I didn’t picture myself wearing white and walking down the aisle to a faceless groom. That was until I met my significant other.

My now fiancé and I have been talking about getting married for a while, but he told me that he wanted to propose. Even though we had agreed that marriage was something that we wanted, he wanted to propose «properly».

I must admit that as time went by I became a little impatient, but as they say «den som venter på noe godt, venter ikke forgjeves». Which is a way of saying if you wait for something good, you won’t wait in vain. And to me it was worth the wait. He proposed on the docks by his grandparents’ summer house, and it was perfect. It was just the two of us and our dog with a beautiful sunset in the background.

Our dog, Balder, on the exact spot the day after me and my partner got engaged.

We have now been engaged for a little over a month and I therefore wanted to share the last verse of a poem I wrote last year. For one of my modules during my MA, I had to write a poetry portfolio. The theme I chose was very personal and centered around my experience and my feelings as an international student. I lived in Aberystwyth, Wales for four years, and every year I lived somewhere different. In ‘Temporary Homes’ I wrote one verse about every temporary home I had as a student, and I got to share the last one with my love:

[4]       2E Gerddi Gwalia

Tucked away behind Scholar’s

In a stucco house framed by rose bushes

Is the first home I shared with my love

Paint-stained carpet floors

Cradled in-house picnics, date nights

With roses, tulips and tight embraces

Interlaced fingers and warm feet

We tuck into a sofa too small for two

Like Tetris blocks with no gaps

The perfect fit. Dainty elbows and two left feet

We dance in the kitchen where I whisper my love

Along the lines of Lukas Graham

you are my home.

– Marte Lind, May 2021

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