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Marte Lind

Author, Content Producer and Writer


Marte has a Masters of Arts in Creative Writing from Aberystwyth University and graduated September 2021. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing with second class honors, division 1 also from Aberystwyth University, graduated June 2020.

She currently works as a waitress in addition to being a freelance writer. Marte has had a nuber of jobs prior to this including being a porter and swimming instructor.

Marte was born and raised in Norway and after four years as a student in Wales, Great Britain, she is now based in Drammen. She loves books, music and her dog Balder.


I am always looking for new assignments. Need someone to edit and give feedback on your next book, article, story or general text? Or you may need something translated, then just get in touch!


‘Thundercloud’ [poem], Re:Collection, Aberystwyth MA Anthology (2021)

‘After’ [short story], Re:Collection, Aberystwyth MA Anthology (2021)

‘Lore By Alexandra Bracken: Hunt or Be Hunted’ [review] i The Seafront Review (2021)

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